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Here you will find a brief overview of our projects. Take a look at the featured items and then browse the image gallery below.  The 2018 Portfolio for download is now available.  Thanks for visiting.

Project: Inaugural Season / New Beginning
Client: Gateway Motor Sports Park / MOTO MG 
CHAPSTYLE design + illustration created a new identity for a historic racing venue. CHAPSTYLE created the new look. Below is a selection of the ideas behind the final logo and a few items showing the logo in use.  Branding is more than just a logo and a name.

Irwin Development Team Logo Irwin tools development team logo

Project: IRWIN® tools product development team logo
Client: IRWIN 

The folks at IRWIN contacted me after seeing some of my work that happened to fit what they were looking for.  After an initial conversation, I got to work.  The Client was wanting a mascot style logo utilizing thier signiture tool, the Visegrip.  They knew they wanted the mascot to be a skunk, giving a nod to Skunk works of Lockheed/Martin.  The direction was Batman meets Looney Tunes.  Below you will see the initial ideas and the final logo.

Project: Precision Fitness Branding
Client: Precision Fitness / The Boks Project llc.

In this particular case the client needed a branding makeover from the ground up.  This includes the logo, icons, clothing and collaterals. 


The direction? Something that conveys precision and motion, while provoking thought of measurement and weight.  "Tick" marks, like that ov a scale were to be incoporated. Below is a visual of a few of the items created for Precision.  

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2018 CHAPSTYLE Portfolio
An updated selection of work from CHAPSTYLE design + illustration. The PDF attached is a little larger than the previous version. Packed a few more goodies inside.
CSDI_mike C_portfolio_2018sml.pdf
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